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The Polish Biodiversity Information Network (PolBIN, KSIB) was founded in 2003. At the beginning the main goal of its activities was to initiate cooperation of Polish research institutions with the international system of GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility). During a few years, it brought together the majority of the most important Polish scientific institutes, sharing the idea of cooperation for opening access to biodiversity data.

In 2008 it was transformed into a scientific network, including direct scientific activities into the agenda. Currently, it is the biggest organization in Poland that collects biodiversity data, and the online available resources exceeded 1,500,000 records, containing information on biodiversity of Poland and many regions all over the world.

KSIB has 29 scientific institutional members, represented by 34 units, and 8 institutions and two organizations have a status of cooperating partners.

The scope of activities of the Network includes:

  • Primary research and applications in the field of studying and protection of biodiversity in Poland and abroad
  • Collecting, processing, integration and publishing data on biodiversity
  • Development of the Network Database - the aggregate of electronic resources about biodiversity, stored and published by the Network
  • Digitization and opening access to data kept in nature collections, publications and archives
  • Cooperation with the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and other organizations connected with biodiversity informatics
  • Increasing knowledge on biological diversity and publishing results of studies of member institutions through the online databases, paper publications and educational work